Canxida Review

Canxida Products Review: Main Causes Of Candida

Candida caused by a yeast infection starts in the digestive system and slowly spreads to other parts of the body. It has over 100 symptoms, which makes it very frustrating to diagnose. Most people that have it have an average of 20 signs that seem unrelated. They can be anything from craving sugar to constipation or skin rash. Candida is a "dimorphic" organism, which means that it can exist either as a round yeast cell or as a fungus (mycelial form) with spindly outgrowths called hyphae that can penetrate the body tissue of the host.

In healthy individuals, Candida remains in the yeast form as it is kept in check by friendly bacteria and healthy immune response. If the friendly bacteria are disrupted, Candida can increase its numbers drastically, change into a fungus form, and Candida causes health problems. The most common cause is from taking antibiotics. The antibiotics destroy friendly bacteria, and that allows yeast to multiply. Birth control pills, IUDs, and pregnancy are also common causes due to the fluctuation in hormones.

Excessive stress releases a hormone called cortisol which raises blood sugar and depresses the immune system. The increase in sugar feeds the yeast, and the depressed immune system opens the door for yeast to grow like crazy. Chlorine in tap water has been found to kill good bacteria and allow the yeast to grow. Any digestive disorder like constipation, poor diet, or eating disorders can leave your digestive tract vulnerable to yeast. Consuming stimulants and depressants like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and drugs cause sugar to be released from the pancreas into the bloodstream, which gives the yeast something to feed on.

Consuming beer is worse yet because it has maltose in it. Maltose is a very potent sugar, and yeast can thrive. If you are looking for Canxida Review, you should look at the ingredients. If you are using ingredients that kill bacteria, then the products might kill helpful and healthy bacteria. There are some canxida products review you can look up to read up on the products.


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